09:00- 09:25

Keynote Address: The age of the machines – navigating the intelligent automation landscape and cutting through the hype/Case study on Westpac NZ’s use of RPA

In this presentation, Michelle will take you through Westpac NZ’s use of RPA, looking at how to navigate the range of technologies that drive intelligent automation and why business need to think strategically about AI.

Michelle Hannan-Brown
Process Engineering Mgr, CoE Process Engineering - Westpac (NZ)

09:55- 10:20

Redefining creativity in the age of the customer

Designing creative processes that measure the emotional and financial value creativity brings to business, including practical advice on how to apply this to your business today.

Levi Slavin
Chief Creative Officer - Colenso BBDO
Edwin Rozells
Head of Transformation - Colenso BBDO

11:15- 11:40

International Case Study: Applying the customer lens to a transformation project

This presentation will look at how culture is the key enabler to transforming the organisation to a customer centric one and how to bring the leadership and organisation on the journey – Shifting the focus of a transformation project from being purely technology to delivering customer outcomes.

Ayela Thilo
Customer and Reputation Advocate - Bupa (Australia)

11:40- 12:05

Case Study: Digital transformation as a design problem: demonstrating the power of Human Centred Design at scale

Over the last 18 months at Spark, Meghan has implemented a unifying customer journey framework, introduced a scalable design process designed to improve customer experience and decrease time required to deliver to market as well as reducing the cost to deliver by ensuring reusability and consistency in digital for all products and services This presentation… Read more.

Meghan White
GM of CX|UX Experience and Design - Spark NZ

12:05- 12:30

Case Study: The ‘must haves’ in building a customer centric Auckland Transport

Susan will talk about Auckland Transport’s “Customer Central”, a customer focused, design thinking, and innovation hub that has quickly established itself as the heart of Auckland Transport’s customer transformation journey.


Day 2 TRACK A – Leadership Buy In: Demonstrating ROI on CX initiatives

13:55- 14:30

Ensuring data & insights support your CX initiatives

Chris Thompson speaker Chief Customer Officer New Zealand 2018 customer experience conference
Chris Thompson
Head of Marketing Data & Analytics - ASB
David Duan speaker Chief Customer Officer NZ customer experience conference
David Duan
Principal Data Scientist - Fraedom

14:30- 15:05

Understanding the link between metrics and ROI to deliver a value adding CX framework

Chris Thompson speaker Chief Customer Officer New Zealand 2018 customer experience conference
Chris Thompson
Head of Marketing Data & Analytics - ASB
Amrutha Murthy
Senior CX Designer - NZ Post

15:05- 15:40

Investing in solving key customer pain points by linking customer satisfaction to retention and growth

Dougal Swift speaker Chief Customer Officer New Zealand
Dougal Swift
General Manager – Membership & Brand - AA NZ
Anirudh Nair speaker Chief Customer Officer New Zealand
Anirudh Nair
Customer Experience Design Manager - Z Energy NZ

16:35- 17:00

Case Study: How AA has leveraged a customer-value strategy to deliver record Membership growth

Despite Motoring Clubs globally struggling to retain relevance, AA has grown rapidly to now have a relationship with 3,000,000 New Zealanders. This presentation will reveal how AA’s customer value strategy is driving record Membership growth and brand transformation.

Dougal Swift
General Manager – Membership & Brand - AA NZ