Edwin Rozells

Edwin Rozells

Job Title: Head of Transformation

Company: Colenso BBDO

Edwin is a senior strategy professional with almost 15 years of experience in leading organizations on their journey into the new.

He is passionate about building customer-centric businesses and has practical experience in:

  • Developing new digital products
  • Designing personalized and smart interfaces
  • Using digital channels to engage customers
  • Re-engineering process, policy and organization structure

Edwin is focused on partnering our clients to help drive growth and realize exceptional customer experiences, as well as helping Colenso’s own business transform for the future.

Outside of work, he loves film, food, football and being a father to his 5-year-old daughter Elizabeth.

Speaking at the following:

09:55 - 10:20
Redefining creativity in the age of the customer

Designing creative processes that measure the emotional and financial value creativity brings to business, including practical advice on how to apply this to your business today.