Jo Kelly

Jo Kelly speaker Chief Customer Officer New Zealand customer experience conference

Jo Kelly

Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Company: UBank (Australia)

Jo Kelly is the Chief Marketing Officer at UBank joining the team in early 2015. Leading a team of brand, marketing and communications professionals, she spearheaded the bank’s rebrand in January 2016 and has helped cement UBank’s place in the financial services market as being ‘Just the Bank you Need’.

Jo has extensive experience in marketing, communications and change management and is known for her ‘out of the box thinking’. She is equally as passionate about mentoring and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. Dedicating her time to help guide and educate the next generation of marketers by sharing not just best practice; but ‘next practice’.

Speaking at the following:

12:00 - 12:25
International Keynote Address: How AI and human centred design is shaping customer experience

This presentation will look at how HDC and AI are impacting business strategy and customer experience. Jo will give examples of how UBank has jumped into AI andHCD for initiatives such as supporting customers’ home loan journey. .