Reg Price

Reg Price speaker CCO NZ

Reg Price

Job Title: Co-founder

Company: MirrorWave

Reg is co-founder of MirrorWave, a new generation company dedicated to helping businesses do a better job of listening to their key stakeholders like customers, employees and partners.

Reg’s big bugbear is how soft feedback programs are, especially those of NPS Voice of Customer.  He argues that with the right base method it is easy to understand what is changing, why it is changing and most importantly what business outcomes have been generated.  So strong is this bugbear that MirrorWave is the only company in the world in the feedback arena to guarantee outcomes.

MirrorWave exclusively uses a unique and proprietary longitudinal method to ‘follow’ the story of participants over time. This means they are listened to properly, and potential in those relationships is unlocked and accounted for.

Prior to founding MirrorWave, Reg consulted on customer strategy, customer experience design and strategic account management in such sectors as banking, telecoms, local government, utilities and industrial firms.  This work has been located in various parts of the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, UK, Germany and USA.

Reg is also co-author of the first book to propose a management framework for better managing promises, called ‘Reliability Rules’.  One of the key findings of the US published book was that half of customer dissatisfaction comes not from poor service performance but rather the inadequate setting and management of expectations.  He has also published several articles in leading marketing management periodicals including Marketing Management and Journal of Service Research. 

He has taught at post graduate level at University of Auckland and has presented at numerous academic and practitioner conferences around the world. He presented in Paris and Florida at the annual Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) conference on next practice in voice of client for strategic accounts and partnerships.

For MirrorWave, Reg has responsibility for global business development and thought leadership. 

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